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Interface to HTMLTextExtractor

Is there a programming interface to HTMLTextExtractor? I need to give tht URL of a page(unput) from my dotNET application. Also the output of HTMLTextExtractor should be taken by the dotNET application. How can this be done?
by saraf ut on Sep 20 2006 3:20am Reply

Interface to HTMLTextExtractor

Currently we don't have an API for the HTML Text Extractor. However if you're interested we can probably make you something native to .NET that would accomplish the same task through our consulting services. Please contact me off list if you want to do this.
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 20 2006 7:51am Reply

Interface to HTMLTextExtractor


I need an library to extract text appearing in browsers from html source code. Can you help me with this issue? I'm using some regular expressions in my java application but it doesn't work perfectly.
by Ivan Vlcek on Oct 19 2009 5:18pm Reply

Interface to HTMLTextExtractor

I think you're in the wrong place, we don't make Java Applications.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 19 2009 5:39pm Reply

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