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Easy Read doesn't work

Dear all,

I love Easy Read so much and I worked a long time with.
But know it doesn't work anymore. I tried to solve the problem with resinstalling again, but it doesn't help.

If I press on "+" I can see that Easy Read tries to display the page bigger but only for a split second, then it falls back to the original size.

IE 6.0.2900.2180, no ZoneAlarm or special Tools.

What can I do?

Thank you very much for help
by Tinu Steiner on Oct 9 2006 2:44pm Reply

Easy Read doesn't work

There must be something interfering with EasyRead, but I'm not sure what. Other than reinstalling I really don't have any other advice.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 9 2006 6:41pm Reply

Easy Read doesn't work

It's crazy, because I have the same problem on my ohter PC now. So I have two different machines with the same problem. On second PC only WinXP and Office is installed...

Best regards,
by Tinu Steiner on Oct 10 2006 8:33am Reply

Easy Read doesn't work

That is really crazy. We have hundereds of instals a day and this has never come up. I can only assume you have some other setting or application that's conflicting with Easy Read.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 10 2006 9:32am Reply

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