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Easy Read and IE 7?

Does Easy Read work with IE 7? I uninstalled it before installing IE 7 because of IE 7's zoom feature, but IE 7 only zooms in on a portion of the page. Easy Read's page wrapping technology is SO much better, I hope it will work with IE 7. (Yes, I can try it, but I'm sure others want to know before upgrading.)
by Penguin Penguin on Oct 19 2006 1:30pm Reply

Easy Read and IE 7?

Yes Easy Read does work with IE7. It will not interrupt the IE7 page zoom, you can use both together.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 19 2006 1:38pm Reply

Easy Read and IE 7?

Please explain HOW you managed to put the + and - signs on IE7 Tool Bar ?
I haven't succeeded yet after trying many times....
by Jackie Griffith on Jan 28 2007 10:25am Reply

Easy Read and IE 7?

You shoudl Close Internet Explorer when promted during the installation, then read this Getting Started Guide:


Very occasioanally the install just plain won't work but we havn't been able to track down why yet.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 28 2007 2:18pm Reply

Easy Read and IE 7?

I thoroughly agree. Icono Easy Read is for the"Free Brigade ". IE7 Zooming cannot compare with it !
by Jackie Griffith on Jan 28 2007 10:19am Reply

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