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Posted in the Easy Read Forum.

No "+" or "-" icons

After reinstalling Easy Read, I don't get the "+" and "-" signs. When I rightclick the toolbar and select Customize I see icons for "Validate HTML" and "Iconico.com". I already uninstall and reinstall the program twice.
by Carmen van der Ree on Oct 21 2006 9:39am Reply

No "+" or "-" icons

That's very strange, I'm not sure what else to suggest! You can always right-click on the page and select the Easy Read controls.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 21 2006 1:16pm Reply

No "+" or "-" icons

I am having the identical problem. Isn't there any way to troubleshoot this?

by rich camlin on Jan 18 2007 4:00am Reply

No "+" or "-" icons

We do have a getting started guide here which should help:


Unfortunatly Internet Explorer can be very flickle as to when it shows icons in the toolbar. PLease make sure you close your browser when prompted to in the installation process.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 18 2007 7:55am Reply

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