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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Idea for Even Cooler

I have been using all of your tools for several years now.

Today, as I was once again using Calipers to measure and, simultaneously using Colorpic to view the magnified screen view to make sure I had the Caliplers in just the right place, I thought -

Hey, these should be the same tool!

Especially for those of us that work at very high resolution, being able to zoom in on a thing when Calipering it would be extremely useul...
by Jeff Burrows on Feb 17 2004 10:20am Reply

Idea for Even Cooler


A lot of people have asked me for a magnifier on the Calipers. I've always held off on the idea as I find changing the color of the pointers normally lets me measure quite accuratly. With very small measurements I often use the ColorPic's magnification area with the grid turned on and simply count the squares.

by Nico Westerdale on Feb 23 2004 9:46pm Reply

Idea for Even Cooler

NIco - I work now at 1600x1200 and I guess my eyes aren't what they used to be. I sometimes, especially if there is not enough color contrast, need to "zoom" in on the caliper position...
by Jeff Burrows on Feb 24 2004 7:03am Reply

Idea for Even Cooler

I'm with Jeff, running at 1600 pixels or more, I often need to zoom to be sure I'm getting the exact pixel -- critical for my raster and web work. I'm one of the ones who bugged you about built-in zoom a couple years ago, and my offer still stands: I'll buy the full version as soon as it has built-in zoom. :-) (The other new features are cool, but not worth the $20. Zoom would be worth $30, at least!)

Hey, maybe you should do a simple "features poll" to see how many other people would pay for things like zoom or whatever else is on the wish list, eh? If a thousand of us would pay $20 for zoom I'll be you could do it, right? (Ok, I'll quit pestering now and wait patiently for that exciting email announcement when zoom is added.)
by Richard Minner on Nov 16 2004 12:43pm Reply

Idea for Even Cooler

I remember your email, and thanks for reminding me. I produced version 3 with rotation being the first priority because I've gotten more emails asking for that feature over any other.

I do now offer a free magnifier, available at:
which can be used with the Calipers, or any other program.

I'm collecting features for future version, and so far I'm considering adding a little magnification area, and also adding the ability for the calipers to snap to light and dark edges under the caliper.

I think you've convinced me, so stay tuned, and thanks again!
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 16 2004 12:55pm Reply

Idea for Even Cooler

Great news, I'll look forward to it! An "edge snap" will also be very cool, oh yeah. You'll have to raise the price soon. :-)
Take care.
by Richard Minner on Nov 17 2004 12:13am Reply

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