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FireFox & Opera

It's a pity that your technology does not work in FireFox. It's a nice browser but it needs the zooming capability offered by Easy Read. Holding down the right mouse button and scrolling the wheel requires rather too much dexterity. This in any event does not work on quite a lot of web pages, and where it does work and there are several images, it works separately on each.

What about Opera? It has a good zooming capability but zooming with the mouse requires too many clicks.

by Ken Douglas on Oct 31 2006 1:55am Reply

FireFox & Opera

You can use "Ctrl"+"+"or"-" to increase or decrease the font size using firefox as U sue + or - to zoom in and out with Opera. This one, Opera can use * to restore the ogirinal view (100%)

I know it's not the same, but ...

)))º Ña! º)))
by Iñaki de Bilbao on Nov 14 2006 5:57am Reply

FireFox & Opera

Thank you. They've even added + and - buttons now, but they don't work too well: the buttons and the keypad zooming seem to function differently and erratically, especially where there is both text and images. And the buttons function very slowly.

Opera is better but you have to select a specific percentage increase or decrease, and the gradations tend to be too large.
by Ken on Nov 14 2006 12:21pm Reply

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