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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Screen Calipers 4.0 Full Feature list

The latest version of the Screen Calipers, along with the Protractor and Compass has just been released. If you're interested in the exact details of everything that has changed then read on:

Calibration user interface changed to new grid style allowing multiple custom units.

Calibration updated to allow editing of the number of decimal places for every unit.

Skins now support alpha transparency which allows for smooth edges and semi-transparent sections.
Skin files now support .PNG graphics.

New skin graphics for every default skin installed with the application.

Adobe Acrobat plug-in toolbar now included with the application which makes measuring PDF documents simple as calibration automatically adjusts when zooming in and out on a PDF.

Link to Iconico's Screen Magnifier now added to options menu.

Right click menu now appears faster.

Tooltips appear more rapidly over the buttons.

Moving the Caliper now resets any typed value.

New 'Set to Angle' function on Options menu to rotate Calipers.

Sticky Angles functionality improved so that snapping behaves based on how near the mouse is to the desired angle.

Sticky Angles toggled off as well as on by pressing Ctrl.

'Set Zero Angle' now includes a checkmark.

New skin files which can be double-clicked to install.

New Transparency slider popup window.

Improved system tray icon with gray minimized graphic and notification bubble when first minimized.

When swapping skins the application now remains in the same place on the screen.

'Center on Screen' function correctly moves the Calipers so that the rotation center is in the correct place.

Custom units now shared between Screen Calipers, Compass and Tracing Paper.

Bugfix, occasionally when the Calipers faces vertically the distance would get stuck at zero.

COM interface changed so that ExternalZoom, Transparency, Hide, UnHide, OnQuit properties and methods are now available.

COM interface Repaint method changed to work faster.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 9 2006 4:49pm Reply

Screen Calipers 4.0 Full Feature list

Years ago in Screen Calipers' beginning version (approx. 1.3) I purchased the full version and was guaranteed free updates and upgrades for life. During the upgrade to the 3.3 version I had to write about how to download the upgrade and then found out the original unlock code no longer worked and had to post in a forum to have someone contact me with the new code. My reason for this post is to find out four things. First, I wanted to make sure following the instructions to download the and install the program from the http://www.iconico.com/do...pp=Caliper page will really work if I download it this time without being locked out of the program to complain about the original serial not working again? Second, I wanted to ask why there's not more information such as an entire web page for paid customers like myself that informs us upgrading? Third, I wanted to know why there's not a way to update my email address I used to purchase your software through Kagi ordering system, as since the beginning of screen calipers I'm sure even everyone at iconico have had personal email address changes too? Finally, and let me know if this should be placed in the "features I'd like to see" forum instead, why doesn't your software just include an updater link feature for paid customers so we can simply do a one click check from the program to see AND install newer versions of your software from the Internet? Thanks for your time and hard work on your wonderful products.
by kevan parks on May 11 2008 12:56am Reply

Screen Calipers 4.0 Full Feature list

1) Yes you can download the Calipers from http://www.iconico.com/do...pp=Caliper . Your serial number should have no problem unlocking it.

2) We do offer free upgrades for life. Serial numbers prior to version 2.0 will not work on the newer version of the Calipers, which is 4.0. We currently don't support verison 2.0 any more, it's many years old and that's why you may have had difficulties, however we are quick to reply to upgrade requests.

3) We have not used the Kagi system for about three years now, and we use eSellerate's e-commerce system whcih does have a feature for changing your email address.

4) You make a good point about an update link in the applicaiton, and we will certainly try and get this included in future versions.
by Nico Westerdale on May 11 2008 3:32am Reply

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