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Posted in the ColorPop Forum.

Must I display the textfield?

I would like to display the color square only, without linking it to a textfield. How can I display just the color square, without a textfield alongside it?

by J S on Nov 13 2006 3:57pm Reply

Must I display the textfield?

You can change the HTML in any way that you wish. To hide the textbox the easiest way is simply to put style="display:none" on the textbox input tag.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 13 2006 7:32pm Reply

Must I display the textfield?

Thanks very much. That seems to have done the trick :)
by J S on Nov 14 2006 6:14am Reply

Must I display the textfield?

There's a problem with this... As there is no visible textfield, the location of the textfield cannot be referenced for the location of the color picker so the color picker always appears in the top-left corner of the screen, which in not a visible area if you have scrolled down aleady.

How can I fix this?

Also, how can I make it so that the color picker icon appears with a selected color already? I'd like to set the color that appears there instead of having the multi-color color picker icon.

by on Nov 14 2006 7:39am Reply

Must I display the textfield?

You're right about the position resetting, you could instead use this attribute on the textbox and it will appear in the correct position:
style="visibility:hidden; width:0px; height:0px"

To change the color displayed in the icon change the image tag from:
src="colorpop/blank.gif" style="background-color:#880088"

You can also change the initial selected color in the popup using this line in the javascript file:
initialHex = "FF0000";
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 14 2006 8:38am Reply

Must I display the textfield?

Thanks so much - this all works perfectly. Thanks for the outstanding customer support and for creating an amazing product.

Your customer support alone makes it worth the purchase price :)
by J S on Nov 14 2006 11:53am Reply

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