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hairline colour

Hi .. Is it just me .. but I cannot find any menu to change the hairline cursor colour ... I canot see the defauly one ... When I try to change the skin it downloads a web page and I cannot seem to turn that into a skin ?

by Peter Laidlaw on Nov 15 2006 9:47pm Reply

hairline colour


First let me suggest that you check you are using version 4.0 of the Protractor, which was released last week. The different skin files work for different versions so please check when you are downloading that you have the correct one.

You can press the C and K keys to change the color of the lines on the Protractor. This does not, however change the central crosshair colors. Choosing a new skin will cahnge the central crosshair, but that's based on how the skin is designed.

I hope this clarifies.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 16 2006 8:27am Reply

hairline colour

The problem with teh skin is with the new version 4 ... I tried that so as to get different colour hairline cursors ...

Well ... silly me ... tody I went to click on the buterfly to check this blog and find teh solution to this little problem .... and I hit one of those little buttons near near the butterfly "A-HA" said I .. they changed the colour of the cursor line .. silly me !

Problem solved !
by Peter Laidlaw on Nov 16 2006 2:53pm Reply

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