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Posted in the Magnifier Forum.

How to magnify "zoom" in real time

I think the magnifier program is great, however I need to zoom up onto a section of the Windows display to fill the screen of my plasma display.

Although this program works, I need it to automatically update without me having to move the mouse.

Any ideas??

by Dav on Nov 27 2006 5:12am Reply

How to magnify "zoom" in real time

Our Magnifier does need the mouse to move in order to update. The reason we did this was so that the Magnifier would remain small and not eat up memory by continually updating. We will consider adding it as an option in the next version.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 27 2006 9:23am Reply

How to magnify "zoom" in real time

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Say, can you suggest any other solution for me in the mean time? I really need to get this up and working very soon.

Thanks in anticipation.
by Dav on Nov 28 2006 12:46am Reply

How to magnify "zoom" in real time

I'll see if I can push though an update this month, but I'm as usual snowed with projects. I hate to advertize the competition, but if you're desperate there are other magnifiers out there. Try download.com or tucows.com.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 28 2006 12:56am Reply

How to magnify "zoom" in real time

That would be great if you could. I have looked at the other sites you have mentioned and no program can do the auto-updates as we have talked about.

I would be happy if it updated the screen 2,3 times per second. It doesn't have to be video quality updates.

Please let me know if, and as soon, as you make these changes. I would love it this month.

Please please please, let me know.

PS You program is by far the best I have seen.
by Dav on Nov 28 2006 3:52am Reply

How to magnify "zoom" in real time

We've just released version 2.3, which is available for download from here:

We've added the following:
The version number in the title bar.
An 'Auto Update' option.
An checkbox to follow the mouse, when unchecked this magnifies the area under the Magnifier.

Thanks for the suggestions!
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 20 2006 11:58am Reply

How to magnify "zoom" in real time

This is great, I really like the auto refresh mode, another thing I would like you to add is full screen display and scroll mouse zoom, like "MS ZoomIt".
by Cristian on May 7 2008 9:53am Reply

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