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Easily zoom in on areas of your screen and work with every detail.

Posted in the Magnifier Forum.

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1. I think I'm running version 3.0, or so tht's waht displays when I look at the properties of the EXE, but you show only version 2.2 on the web site. Tehre is no 'About..' item on your menu, so who knows

2.How about going to a right-click menu once you mouse over the window, rather than your tool bar view? Taht way you could easily include the about box?

3. How about letting users deside if they want to allow for a real-time refresh and the time interval of said? I have been using zoomer for years and the auto refresh does not seem to be an issue unless your system is max-ed out.
by Steve Jenkins on Dec 17 2006 3:54pm Reply

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We've just released version 2.3, which is available for download from here:

We've added the following:
The version number in the title bar.
An 'Auto Update' option.
An checkbox to follow the mouse, when unchecked this magnifies the area under the Magnifier.

Thanks for the suggestions!
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 20 2006 11:57am Reply

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Hi there.
I like it a lot; only: can you include that I can actually work in the magnified area? I do a lot of CAD/CAE, and if I can have that, I don't need to buy the new Acer 9810 and shlep myself to death..:-)
by Frederic Zweig on Jun 19 2007 2:58pm Reply

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Sounds interesting but i think its a bit outside the scope of our color picker!
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 20 2007 8:12am Reply

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