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Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list

The following are all of the updates included with Version 1.1 of the Email Extractor:

New Storage Manager screen: When clicking on the main form of the "View Files Extracted", instead of a browser starting the new "Storage Manager" opens up - a dialog to manipulate history stored copies of the emails.

Changes have been made to the "MS Outlook 2003" extraction, as it turned out in some situations "MS Outlook 2003" allows the symbol "?" in the names of emails, which led to the impossibility of establishing file name containing "?".

Fixed minor error in the DBX Viewer display attributes.

Now "Email Extractor" loads faster as searching for the library "MSMAPI" has been optimized.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 16 2007 9:14am Reply

Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list

When creating message names based on date, has the email date bug been fixed yet? I can't effectively use the product the way I'd like because of this problem. There's no point buying the new version if the product still can't properly name files.
by Harvey Hahn on Jan 17 2007 8:34pm Reply

Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list

From our developer Vitaliy:

Did you mean - the date of .eml file it is date of file creation, and not date from message, for Outlook Express?
If it is, then we very sorry for this, we did not explain these details of how Email Extractor works. The .eml file date is the creation file date, because we were thinking the user must know when he stores the message. How would you know Email Extractor didn't rewrite .eml files.

In the next update of Email Extractor we will change the email date to the file date.

Thank you very match for this message, and for your interest in our product. You raise a very important point about Email Extractor, and we always try to make our products to match the usability for our users.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 18 2007 8:04am Reply

Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list

According to how it seems Email Extractor is supposed to work, one option for naming files is to use a date/time WITHIN each message (I presume in one of the headers). This is a great feature and probably one of the most important reasons I chose Email Extractor over other products on the market. However, when I use it, the resulting filename is the same as if I chose to use the current system date/time option instead--in other words, BOTH options name message files using the CURRENT system date/time. I mean, yeah, I suppose I could accept having files renamed this way (although it doesn't seem to be the way the program is supposed to work)--at least the files are extracted from Outlook--but then I would have to write ANOTHER computer program myself that would rename the extracted files again, based on an internal date. I shouldn't have to do that when such an option seems to be one of the viable filenaming choices available to me. Does that better clarify what I'm trying to describe?
by Harvey Hahn on Jan 19 2007 6:01am Reply

Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list


Thanks for your message, it does clarify the situation. We're going to be looking at this for the next version and I think we can come up with a good solution that answers your points.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 19 2007 8:21am Reply

Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list

Thank you for detailed explanations of your request.
We would like to say that the next Update Email Extractor will be assigning email files with date extracted from letters themselves (not the system data/time as now).
For example if your letter was received: "Date: Thursday, December 14, 2006, 5:35:18 PM" then the creation date and time of this file will be "14.12.06 17:46".
Thus it will be possible to manage email files by dates, for example sort them or filter.
We could attach the date to the file name but we don't want to do that because of the following reasons:
- we cannot use symbols "\" "/" as delimiters, this doesn't comply with system agreement about file names.
- If in future you would like to create a program that manipulates files created byt Email Extractor, then you will be able to obtain the date as easy as you get file name, its size and attributes.

Kind regards Vitaliy.
by Vitaliy on Jan 19 2007 9:48am Reply

Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list

That would accomplish EXACTLY what I'm looking for! I can't wait until the next version is ready--hope it's soon! Thanks!!

by Harvey Hahn on Jan 19 2007 8:04pm Reply

Email Extractor 1.1 Full Feature list

This was realized to a new version "Email Extractor 1.2". Please download new version.

by Denis (Developer) on Jan 30 2007 7:53am Reply

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