Image Filter Pro 100 Help

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Image Filter Pro 100 Help

You can use Image Filter Pro to:

Filter images: using the built-in filters (100+), filters contained inside a DLL, filters built based on existing built-in filters as well as filter groups built from any combination of any filters.

Acquire images from the Web and from your hard disk: using the built-in browser. Browse any web page on the internet or any location on your hard disk and the images found there are automatically retrieved for you.

Filter Web page images as you browse: by choosing a filter which will be applied to any image on the browsed page.

Create and apply filter groups: by combining any filters in the desired order and then applying that filter group to an image or images inside any folder.

Batch image filtering: using existing filters or filter groups to apply them to single images or to entire folders in which images reside.

Access images on your computer from a single point: by adding images to 'My Images' section from anywhere on your computer or the Internet. You can then open the original image or the containing folder.

General Usage

- Filter images using existing filters and user defined filters

- Acquire images from Web or from your hard disk by browsing any address

- Filter web page images as you browse the Internet

- Combine filters into filter groups which act as a new filter

- Use 'Batch image filtering' for entire folders and collection of images

- Access images on your computer from a single point

Important Things To Know

    - the current way of converting images to 8BPP (for filters needing this input image format) is using the (Aforge.)Grayscale filter which turns the converted image to 8BPP Grayscale

    - you can use the top left button to hide the top Image Filter Pro menu and showing a smaller version of this menu. Then you can press the same button again to show the bigger Image Filter Pro menu.

    - you can press the ALT+D shortcut and then press Enter to activate the top address combo box or if you are in a tab in which you gather images then you can press the ALT+S shortcut and then press Enter to activate that tab address combo box.

    - you can use the Image Filter Pro forum to comment or request new application features. These will be carefully analyzed and implemented in the next Image Filter Pro version.

Trial Information

    The trial version has the following limitations:

    - Image Filter Pro 100 converts all images it works with to a Width and Height of under 100 pixels (aspect ration is kept while resizing). The original images are left intact.

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