Image Filter Pro 100 Help

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Image Filter Pro 100 Help

Image Filter Pro allows you to use filters found in DLLs. Basically you create a DLL file (using C# or VB.Net .Net framework 2.0 or greater) which contains a class which inherits two interfaces: IFPFilter and IFPFilterMethods.

An example project on how to construct your own image filters can be found here:
- download Source
- download Executable

The current solution contains three projects:

  • GeneralCustomFilter - this is the actual application containin the main form
  • ApplicationObjectInterface - this is the project containing the interfaces which needs to be refered both in your project and in the GeneralCustomFilter project
  • CustomFilterExample1 - this is the example project in which a filter is created. The filter within, performs three filtering actions on an image depending on the parameter supplied: 0 for Grayscale, 1 for Sepia, 2 for Threshold 0.5 [0..1]

You can experiment by modifying the filter in the CustomFilterExample1 project.

After writing your own filter and compiling the project, the DLL will usually be in the following path (unless you've changed the name of your filter project from CustomFilterExample1 to something else):
or (in the folder where the executable will be generated:)

To see actual filtered images check out our filters preview page

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