Palette Converter

Palette Converter for ColorPic and PSP

Converting ColorPic Palettes to PSP is a Breeze With Palette Converter

This is a slightly specialist tool in that it is specific to ColorPic 4.1 palettes and Paint Shop Pro XI swatches.

Palette Converter Information

When you have created a palette in ColorPic 4.1 you can use the Palette Converter to export the palette to Paint Shop Pro swatches.

The fact is that this will probably work for Jasc Paint Shop Pro upwards as the scripting is the same but since we don't have the other versions we cannot provide default folder locations.

Since the program is free and is configurable why not give it a go? 

You can use the lower block of 16 swatches to view another one of the palettes (each palette being up to 16 swatches), but the upper palette is the one that will be exported.

The swatches in Paint Shop Pro can be quite muddled - daunting even, and Palette Converter provides a management tool for these swatches.

Full details of the capabilities can be found in the program help.

Palette Converter

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