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Screen Protractor Skins
Listed below are downloadable alternative interfaces for the Protractor. Click on the download link and follow the instructions to install.
If you are interested in making your own skin you are more than welcome. Please send your skin into Iconico and we will feature it on this page, giving you full bragging rights. Please follow the instructions in the skin How-to page.
The discus skin has a large circular core with angles marked every five degrees to allow for easy alignment without sacrificing too much space.

Designer: Iconico
If you are using the Protractor on a map then you might find the cartography skin useful with it's marked north, south, east and west directions.

Designer: Iconico
The clock face on this skin can be a useful teaching aid and help with time based calculations.

Designer: Iconico
The crosshair skin is very similar to the default skin but allows precise alignment of the center point using a pixel perfect crosshair.

Designer: Iconico
Besides it's cool blue exterior the teardrop skin can be very useful when working in cramped conditions. The small handles are unencumbered with any controls and the central hub sports a precise crosshair for fast alignment.

Designer: Iconico
Buzzz Off
The cute bees that orbit the sunflower in the 'Buzzz Off' skin may not know it, but they're super accurate at measuring angles.

Designer: Iconico

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