Plotting Functions with UltimaCalc

Plotting Functions with UltimaCalc
UltimaCalc UltimaCalc can plot functions. The example below is a Bézier curve, the values of x and y both being cubic functions of a parameter t that varies over the range 0 to 1. The plot shows the values of x and y at several values of t. The small crosses mark the positions of the calculated points.

For an example of using this tool on a real-life (though not too serious) situation, read the articles on Punkin' Chunkin.

Plotting Functions Example

Sample plot

To create a plot, enter instructions into the window shown below. The image below shows data for a quadratic function. The variable x varies from 0 to 10 in increments of 1, and y is calculated in terms of x.

Data entry for function plotting

Notice the tabs along the top. These allow you to enter data for up to eight independent plots. You can view each one separately, or view them all together in the one display. The quadratic and Bézier curves are shown together in the next image.

Two functions plotted together

You can select the colour schemes you want. In the examples, the axes have been drawn automatically, but you can specify where they should be drawn, and you can also specify the range of X and Y values.

The button marked 'Log' shown in the data entry window allows you to save all calculated values to a log file. You can also save the instructions you used, and include notes for future reference.

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