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Earn money by referring people to Iconico's products

What's the Affiliate thing all about?
If you run a website or publish an email newsletter then you can make money by referring people to purchase Iconico's software. The idea is simple, you provide some advertising on your website for one or all of Iconico's products, for example the Screen Calipers, and add a URL directing people to the Iconico.com website. If in the next sixty days a sale is made then you get 25% of the total sales price.
Sounds good but how much is this going to cost?
It's going to cost you nothing. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees, no fees at all. All you need to do is sign up and add a link you your website and that's it. It works out for us as you'll be supplying much needed advertising for our products, and it works out for you as you'll be getting a hefty 25% of the sales price.
How do I sign up?
To sign up as an affiliate you'll need to do a few steps:
  • Step 1 - Register with eSellerate.
    eSellerate handles all the credit cards for us, and eSellerate registration is simple and free. You'll be signing up as an affiliate, and eSellerate will mail you a check when you've made sales. You can Register with eSellerate here.

  • Step 2 - Select Products.
    In the eSellerate affiliate area under 'available products' search for 'Iconico'. This can also be done by clicking here. For each product click the 'Sell this product' link and follow the instructions for program acceptance, or select 'Sell all products' which is much easier and will pay more if people buy more than one thing at a time.

  • Step 3 - Approval.
    We will receive notification from eSellerate that you wish to be an affiliate and, assuming that everything looks good, we'll approve your application. To approve your application we need to look at your website, or if you have differenet ideas please note them when you register.

  • Step 4 - Add Links.
    You may also use the links that the eSellerate system provides to add links.

  • Step 5 (optional) - Add applications for download using eST.
    Through eSellerate we now offer a new way to promote our products called eSellerate Sales Trac (eST). Through your eSellerate affiliate account you can easily make a special copy of our applications which you can then offer for download from your website. The eST technology tags the file with your affiliate id so that you'll get your sales credit for anyone clicking the 'Buy' link in the application. It's just another way to ensure that you get your percentage. If you do use eST we ask that you keep your files up-to-date when we issue bugfixes and new versions.

  • Step 6 (optional) - Using eST with the Screen Measurement Pack.
    eST is available for most of our products. If you want to use it on the Screen Measurement Pack then please create eST files for the Calipers, Compass and Protractor and then add them to a zip archive. This will serve as your Screen Measurement Pack
How do I make my money?
When your visitors follow any of the special Iconico URLs we provide a cookie is set on their browser which will last for sixty days. If the visitor purchases any Iconico product within sixty days then you get your affiliate payment. Using the eSellerate system you'll be able to see reports of where visitors arrive from. The eSellerate system also offers a range of reports.

The amount you make is going to depend upon how well you publicize Iconico products. If you have a site for Web Developers then you may want to push the WebTools Pro, and if your website caters to designers then you may want to advertise the Screen Calipers.

You'll be happy to know that when somebody follows your URL and later makes a sale you'll get 25% commission on any product that they buy. If you take a look at our order page you'll see that if someone were to buy several site licenses then you can really start to make some good money. When you have a balance in your account then you'll be posted a check in the mail.
How do I promote the products?
You can promote the products in any way you wish. You're free to use images and text from Iconico.com to help out in this effort. We have a variety of standard size buttons and banners that you might like to try.

The best way is to target your visitors. Nobody knows your website's visitors like you do, so offer them the products that will be of the most use to them. You can also promote using email - but please do not use spam. We hope to have you onboard as an affiliate, you can start right now by following the steps above or if you have any questions then please get in contact.

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