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 SubjectPostsPosted byLast Update
MSG email file format 10Jason HApr 2 2019 9:59am
Outlook 2007 and Exchange (*.ost) 2Rudolf BargholzOct 27 2014 9:42am
Error opening .pst file 3Tad AdamsOct 24 2013 5:27am
why the html body is attchment "ATT00001.htm" after converted .msg to .eml 1wan vibowlDec 21 2012 3:24am
Error accessing Calendar.dbx file 2Hitesh ZinzuwadiaJul 9 2012 9:14pm
.msg to tiff converson 2k venkatMar 22 2012 10:39am
Working with Outlook Mailbox Files 3Nico WesterdaleJul 28 2011 11:34am
Any plans to support OML files? 2Jim May 10 2011 10:43am
When can full support with Delphi2009? 1Berry XiaAug 31 2010 4:31pm
Japanese attached file name decoding 3Nobuo MiwaAug 14 2010 12:59pm
Compile with C++Builder 1Nobuo MiwaAug 7 2010 8:52am
SetRegisterKey 1Alex ZanelloMay 21 2010 11:50am
MCore.dll error on Win 7 64bit, Outlook 2007 1Albert Apr 29 2010 4:56am
Version 1.20 Released 1Constantin FloreaApr 11 2010 12:56pm
Version Released 2Constantin FloreaJan 14 2010 12:33pm
GetAttach@20 symbol unresolved 3Chris RiopelJan 8 2010 3:05am
Does Outlook have to be installed 2Andrew E. KirinSep 16 2009 3:58pm
FAQ: How to Register Mailbox-SDK 1Nico WesterdaleMar 10 2009 6:41pm
Getting started, opening a PST 3Adam NeumannFeb 11 2009 1:02pm
AttachProp.Filename needs to be decoded 2vinci ricardoSep 11 2008 6:10am
VS2005 C++ GetAttachProp () crashed 6wolf sadAug 5 2008 5:39am
Unicode and MSGToEML 2mon205 Jul 17 2008 9:40am
Source Code Language 3Nico WesterdaleJun 17 2008 2:32pm

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