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Turn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

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 SubjectPostsPosted byLast Update
Calibration Problem 4Robert WarrenYesterday 1:32pm
Side lines /mouse / read text 2Josh BJan 20 2021 3:21pm
Line Reader 2.7 has been released 1Constantin FloreaNov 1 2020 12:38pm
Calibrate the line when the distance to the mouse cursor is not constant 5Constantin FloreaJul 4 2020 2:09pm
How do I TURN OFF the lines by my cursor? 5philip maloneMay 13 2020 2:39pm
Strange LR relation to mouse pointer 5Larry YoungMay 10 2020 6:23pm
New feature added to Line Reader 1Constantin FloreaMay 10 2020 6:20pm
License 6Susan RodgersAug 23 2019 1:27am
DELETE a Line. 1Andrea HaynesApr 27 2018 12:46am
Max LineReader length 2John WhiteOct 21 2017 7:20pm
Line 'snapping' feature? 2Kacey ArmstrongOct 17 2017 7:58pm
Far distance between Line and the mouse position 2Benjamin CIPAug 20 2017 7:39pm
Dual monitors 2herman weeklyJan 23 2017 8:17pm
Dual monitors 1herman weeklyJan 23 2017 7:06pm
Line Reader 2.4 has been released 1Constantin FloreaOct 25 2016 7:18pm
USO EN WINDOWS 10 1Carl DolcJul 11 2016 5:29am
Current Version pf Line Reader 2Srinivasulu UserFeb 28 2016 7:08pm
Line Reader 2.2. has been released 1Constantin FloreaJun 1 2015 12:53am
PROBLEMAS CON LA ACTIVACION 2Carl DolcMay 15 2015 9:37am
Line Reader Help Suggestion 2Ann WittmanMar 20 2015 4:43pm
Customized Colors 2Ann WittmanMar 20 2015 4:42pm
TRADUCCION AL ESPAƑOL 1Carl DolcMay 13 2014 8:59pm
ACCESO DIRECTO A PERFILES 2Carl DolcApr 27 2014 8:12am
LineReader is linked to mouse (part deux) 3Mark JohnsonApr 8 2014 12:31pm
LineReader is linked to mouse 9Michael GillApr 8 2014 12:30pm
Line Reader 2.8 has been released 3Constantin FloreaMar 31 2014 9:51am
Disabling Tag along box 5Srinivasulu UserOct 25 2013 6:14pm
Using Line Reader in Browsers 2Sunset ParkerMay 5 2013 8:13am
Distance below 3Tony HaynesDec 7 2012 12:49pm
Stopping Tag Along - Add Image 3Robert WarrenOct 21 2012 12:54pm
Current Version of Line Reader 4Srinivasulu UserSep 21 2012 9:07am
Cannot keep Line Reader on top of all open windows 5Michael BegleySep 21 2012 8:08am
Quick method to show/hide the line and to always stay on top 1Constantin FloreaSep 21 2012 8:08am
Line Reader Position in relation to pointer 3Jason AshtonDec 17 2011 6:37pm
Line Reader 2.6 has been released 1Constantin FloreaNov 19 2011 10:32pm
Line Reader 2.3 has been released 1Constantin FloreaSep 11 2011 8:45pm
Line Reader 2.1 movies 1Constantin FloreaAug 29 2011 10:19am
Short Cut Keys 2Azad PadamseyJun 17 2011 9:09am
unable to get rid of ADD IMAGE 3Howard PDec 28 2010 8:40am
Line Reader : what is the maximum width of the line ??? 4Jean Le BourdaisDec 9 2010 11:17am
How To Handle The 'New Version Check' Mechanism 1Constantin FloreaApr 29 2010 12:48pm
Line Reader 2.1 Released 3Constantin FloreaApr 19 2010 12:13pm
hide Line Reader from Alt-Tab-Switcher 4Steve NewportNov 16 2009 10:05am
position when horitzontal/vertical options don'tt work 4m gAug 1 2009 12:06pm
Version 2 of Line Reader Released 4Nico WesterdaleApr 23 2009 3:44pm
Issue with startup options 2Alexander DeliyannisApr 9 2009 5:43pm
FAQ: Tag-along form 2Nico WesterdaleMar 29 2009 10:13am
saving settings in diifferent profiles 2Michael Parry-ThomasMar 27 2009 7:00am
Line Reader {mouse pointer) 2Michael Parry-ThomasMar 2 2009 8:03pm
Line Reader 1Thomas RichardsFeb 25 2009 8:41pm

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