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When you try to view your form in the browser, you get an error like this:

Fatal error: [foldername]: No such part in /home/content/[username]/html/[foldername]/SG_code/php/sg/run.php on line 74

Open the form in SeaGreen and click on Step 5: Publish. Under Database Info, verify that your information for Database Host is correct. For many web hosting companies, the default database host is called localhost.

However, if your web host does not allow you to use localhost (e.g., GoDaddy), you should be able to find the correct database host name in your web hosting control panel. If you cannot find it, send an email to your web host customer support and ask them for it.


If you continue to have problems viewing your form after changing the host name, we suggest the following:

Before republishing your form, using your regular FTP program (e.g., Dreamweaver) delete the folder on your remote server that starts with the same name as your form. This folder contains files related to your form that may be contributing to the error. For example, if your form is named "sample.php," delete the folder called "sample_files" and then republish.

If you are not comfortable working with the files on your remote server, you can simply rename your form before republishing.

Renaming your form will create a new folder with the form's new name. You will still have the old form's files on your server, but SeaGreen will no longer use them.


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