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To apply any other existing filter to a group of images, there are two ways:

1. The first is to type in the top text box, the folder address in which there are the images you want processed. Or you can also type the address of a web page. This will open a new tab and will gather all images from that folder in the lower part of this new tab. Then you have to right click in this lower part (outside of any image) and select the first menu option: 'Filter All Images' which allows you to select the filters which you want to apply to these images. Choose the 'System Filters' tab and select one or as many filters as you want to apply to the folder images. Then click the top left button called 'Approve'. This will open a new tab in which all the images will be filtered using the filters you've just selected.

2. Or you can use the 'Batch Processing' tab to apply any existing filter (or group of filters you create) to all the images in one or more folders. To do this you would have to click the 'Batch Processing' tab, then you should click the 'System Filters' tab and select one or more filters from this list. Then you should press the 'Add Selected' button to specify that the selected filters are the ones to be applied on images. Then a little bit lower you should select the folder(s) in which there are the images you want processed. You can add as many filters as you want and as many folders as you want. Then press the 'Run Batch' button which will start the processing in a new tab. This means that the filters you've selected will be applied to the images in the selected folder(s).


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