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Ah... okay... some progress....

(Oh, and apologies for referring to your program as "Webstyler" instead of Website Styler.  Oops!)

I found the sample website page and images on my hard disk.  They were on my C:\ drive, not the E:\ drive, as they were initially indicated to be when I ran Website Styler.

Initially nothing would happen when I moved the cursor over the page elements.  I clicked on the "Refresh" icon in Website Styler, and after I did that, I could see the HTML code as I moved my cursor around the page in the browser pane, but when I clicked on an image on the page (after selecting the "Position Change" box) and moved the blue square in the bottom left pane, nothing changed on your displayed test page.  I also tried to change the color of some text, but although I un-selected the "Auto" box and selected a red color, nothing changed in the test page.

Is this because the file was moved from the expected location on my "E:\" drive (which is my DVD drive) to a location on my C:\ drive??

I'm wondering if I purchase this through the upcoming BitsDuJour discount offer, and I still can't get the program to function, would I be able to uninstall the program and get a refund?

I'm also wondering what the tabs at the bottom of the displayed web site page ("Quick Commands", "Colors", "Parent Element" and "Arrange Elements") do.  Nothing at all happens when I click on any of them (other than the clicked-on tab being highlighted).  Is this normal behavior, or is something supposed to happen when those are clicked on?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to see how this works.

Thanks in advance for your reply...


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