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Well, I am having the same problem as other users...

View Source will not accept any .exe path that I enter, including, WordPad.exe. WinWord.exe, NotePad.exe, using both upper and lower case.
Therefore, I cannot open and use the program. So what is a valid path?

It appears to some, that for stupid users such as myself, there should be some mention somewhere on this website outlining the procedures for an easy install for this software product.
This is not an easy install, actually time consuming and frustrating...
In addition, there is no uninstall!, but the user must RegEdit!
If this is the case for all of your software, I could not possibly make a purchase...

Regards, Joe
by Joe Smith on Mar 1 2007 12:13pm Reply


View Source Editor is simply a stand alone application, so if you want to uninstall it all you have to do is drag it to your Recycle Bin. It's free so there is nothing to purchase.

It may be possible that another HTML editor is conflicting with your editor's path as it simply adjusts a global setting, but without looking at your system I'm unable to give you a full diagnosis.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 1 2007 12:26pm Reply

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