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Posted in the WebTools Pro Forum.

WebToolsPro "Website Links" List

I recently downloaded and installed the free trialware version of Iconico's WebToolsPro, and used it for the first time to list the website links on Iconico's own www.iconico.com[/index.aspx insists on adding itself] homepage.

WebToolsPro reported a full-page list of Iconico website links, but I was very surprised and disappointed to discover that www.iconico.com/caliper/old.aspx was not among them.

This website link was supplied to me by Nico Westerlake (evidently Iconico's resident developer/guru) in response to my query about the downloadability of older (and for my modest needs preferable) versions of ScreenCalipers.

But WebToolsPro reported only these Caliper-related website links:

Is www.iconico.com/caliper/old.aspx some sort of "hidden link" that WebToolsPro doesn't report, or what?
by Richard Hey on Jan 6 2005 6:11pm Reply

WebToolsPro "Website Links" List

WebTools Pro simply lists all the links that are on the page that you're analysing. I have many caliper related pages, and not all of them are linked from the homepage.

It so happens that I don't put the link to the 'old' Calipers in a prevalent place, mainly as I'd like everyone to use version 3 which has fixed the bugs in the old versions, and offers many more functions. There is a link to the 'old' page from here:
You can use the WebTools to check it if you wish!
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 6 2005 9:15pm Reply

WebToolsPro "Website Links" List

I'm sorry to keep banging on about earlier (and for my modest pixel-measuring needs preferable) versions of Screen Calipers, and their downloadable accessibility on the Iconico website. But as my earlier posts indicate I have a real "bee in my bonnet" about the trying-to-be-all-things-to-all-users-software-bloat that tends to creep into later versions of once-streamlined applications.

I've conceded in a previous post that Screen Calipers 3.0 (and by extension web-downloadable applications across the board) doesn't fall into the software-bloat category for most users, who always want the very latest of everything. But for "bloataphobes" like me I'd love it if software websites routinely included (obvious and not hidden) links to downloadable earlier versions of their applications.

But they don't and hence my excitement (and subsequent disappointment) upon discovering Iconico's WebToolsPro, which I hoped would show everything in a website's tree/links listing: including "hidden" (or at any rate very-hard-to-find for the uninitiated) links like the ones you've posted in this discussion thread.

A "show everything" website-tree/links-listing would be at the very top of my wishlist for WebToolsPro because then I'd be able to locate and download any accessible earlier versions of applications on software websites, instead of (usually fruitlessly) "googling" for them.
by Richard Hey on Jan 7 2005 2:40pm Reply

WebToolsPro "Website Links" List

I see your point, and it's a good one. WebTools Pro is and always has been a single page analysis tool. What you are looking for is an entire website analysis tool. I'll put this in the idea bank and see what I can come up with.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 7 2005 3:14pm Reply

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