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Windows 7 x 64 bit compatible?

Is version 1.6 Windows 7 x 64 bit compatible?
by David Orne on Sep 5 2010 3:22am Reply

Windows 7 x 64 bit compatible?

I purchased this and installed it on my Windows 7 64bit and it doesn't show up when I right click. I assume that it doesn't support Windows 7 64bit.

I did however install MooO Rightclicker Pro and it does work in Windows 7 64bit.

I hope Cute Context Menu will be updated to work in Windows 7 64bit or I wasted my money.
by Crispy Critter on Nov 10 2012 11:54pm Reply

Windows 7 x 64 bit compatible?

Cute Context Menu works on Windows XP and it doesn't work on Windows Vista or Windows 7
by Constantin Florea on Nov 11 2012 7:35am Reply

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