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Turn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

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Current Version of Line Reader

I would like to know what is current version of Line Reader
Line Reader on starting the program indicates that there is an update available.
On clicking the button...it takes you to web page.
But that web page should indicate what is current version.
Pl try to incorporate this with immediate effect

by Srinivasulu User on Sep 20 2012 9:38pm Reply

Current Version of Line Reader

The latest version of Line Read is 2.8. When there is an update available and you choose to open the download page you are taken to the product page here:
so you may press the Download button and after downloading the application to install it.

After you press the Download button you will be directed to the Download page where the most current version number is shown, in this case: 2.8
by Constantin Florea on Sep 21 2012 7:46am Reply

Current Version of Line Reader 2.8

I would like yo know 
the features that were  added and 
the that were fixed in Ver 2.8 (over 2.7)
In simple words I would to have the version history.
Srinivasulu B
by Srinivasulu User on Sep 21 2012 8:37am Reply

Current Version of Line Reader 2.8

Please see here:
by Constantin Florea on Sep 21 2012 9:07am Reply

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