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Wrong Icon?

There is an error on your website:
The icon for EasyLogin references EasyReader.

(The icon for EasyReader is OK; it also points to EasyReader.)
by n/a n/a on May 17 2005 2:48am Reply

Wrong Icon?

Thanks for the note, but I think you're mistaken - where exactly is the wrong icon?
by Nico Westerdale on May 17 2005 5:16am Reply

Wrong Icon?

The first message is right: if you click on the icon (the two keys) you're directed to EasyRead instead of EasyLogin.
by Nelson Therrien on Jun 9 2005 8:05pm Reply

Wrong Icon?

What's that strange message!!! I only wrote the last two lines and it wrote all the rest alone...
by Nelson Therrien on Jun 9 2005 8:07pm Reply

Wrong Icon?

And again...
by Nelson Therrien on Jun 9 2005 8:08pm Reply

Wrong Icon?

- Ok message corrected - I think I know the erorr. Thanks for spotting the icon you were correct and it's now fixed.
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 9 2005 8:19pm Reply

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