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you mad or what?

this nice little thing works by posting my login usernames and passwords to your site and in clear text... how's that for security?!? and was it necessary by the way? needless to say, i immediately changed my passwords and uninstalled the software, and tomorrow i'll blow the whole hd partition just to be sure. nice try, bye.
by on Dec 29 2007 2:47pm Reply

you mad or what?

No we're not mad, if you read the homepage it clearly states the following:

An Important Note About Security
EasyLogin works by storing your username and password in a special URL. When you click that URL the information is sent unencrypted to the iconico.com servers. We do not store this information or use it for any purpose other than to automatically fill in your login form for you.

If you are concerned about storing your username and password on your computer or sending that information via our server unencrypted then please do not use EasyLogin. We recommend you use EasyLogin for low risk logins such as online discussion boards.

Your login information will be stored as part of the favorite URL. To remove your login information and the easy login link locate the link in the Internet Explorer favorites menu, right click the link with your mouse and select 'Delete'. Then locate your Recycle bin located on your desktop, right click it and select 'Empty Recycle Bin'.
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 29 2007 3:48pm Reply

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