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Magnify webpages as you browse the web to easily read anything.

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Easy Read not changing anything

When I click the + or - nothing happens. Is there some setting I need to change somewhere? I've tried this on any number of pages including many on iconico.com

by Dan McCormack on Oct 28 2005 8:19am Reply

Easy Read not changing anything

It should work just fine Dan! PLease check that you have javascript enabled, perhapse you have another piece of software that's blocking it?
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 28 2005 8:48am Reply

Easy Read not changing anything

JS is enabled -- I use lots of favelets. Any thoughts on what could be blocking it?

by Dan McCormack on Oct 28 2005 1:49pm Reply

Easy Read not changing anything

Could be ZoneAlarm or any of the security applications, what do you have?
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 29 2005 5:03am Reply

Easy Read not changing anything

I have ZA but Have tried it with it closed and still nothing. Thanks, Dan
by Dan Mccormack on Oct 29 2005 8:52pm Reply

Easy Read not changing anything

I'm very sorry but I really don't know the cause. I assume you've tried a reinstall of the software.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 1 2005 7:41pm Reply

Easy Read not changing anything

Please forgive me for butting in.
Maybe I missed something, but what operating system / version and browser/version are being used when EasyReader is failing to work?
Also, I am running Windows 98SE, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 [I had to upgrade from Win98 to Win98SE before I could upgrade from IE5 to IE6], and have not yet installed EasyReader. I have been noticing for some time now the increasing prevalence of pages that 'disable' IE's View|Text Size|... controls, and have been assuming that is due to the use of CSS font specifications, but haven't known enough to verify that. Is EasyReader supposed to work on those pages?
Thank you --
Kenneth Kawamura
by Kenneth Kawamura on Jan 19 2006 9:15am Reply

Easy Read not changing anything

Actually the point of EasyRead is specifically to get around those pages that do block the text size changes. EasyRead also zooms the entire page, including all layout and graphics, instead of simply increasing the font size which often breaks layout.

EasyRead should work on all windows systems with javascript enabled on IE5 or later, although we recommend using IE6. We do get occasional emails with people having problems and they are usually because of third party software that blocks EasyRead from executing Javascript. The vast majority of our uses seem to be ok. As EasyRead is free software we don't test on every single system configuration, and with browser plugins there are always systems which for whatever reason do not work.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 19 2006 9:29am Reply

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