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Calipers wont launch in Win 7 64-bit

Screen Calipers v.4 won't launch in Windows 7/64. To be precise, after installation it launches and works perfectly well only once. After exit and re-launching Calipers again, it displays the splash screen and shortly after it quits with the error pop-up: Exception ERegistryException in module Calipers.exe at 0002575B. Failed to set data for 'InstalPath'
I tried it on two different computers and it's the same...
I love Calipers so help pls!
by Adam Polanowski on Sep 25 2017 1:36pm Reply

Calipers wont launch in Win 7 64-bit

Please take a look at this thread:
by Constantin Florea on Sep 25 2017 1:51pm Reply

Calipers wont launch in Win 7 64-bit

Thanks, I'll follow.
As for now, I simply set Calipers to run in WindowsXP SP 2 Compatibility mode - and it works great.
by Adam Polanowski on Sep 25 2017 2:01pm Reply

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