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I was on bitsdujour for the first time this week and have yet to discover how to purchase anything.
There is no 'dowload' button.
There is no "buy" button.
There is no "cart' button.
The is nothing to get a purchsed process started.
What's the secret?
by W S on Jan 10 2009 1:07pm Reply


Can I ask what web browser you are using, there should be some very large 'Buy' and 'Download' buttons on the right?
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 10 2009 1:47pm Reply


WinXP3 with both IE7 and Fire Fox.
Both behave the same.
There's nothing to the right of the countdown timer.
by W S on Jan 10 2009 6:22pm Reply


I don't know what to say, the buttons are right there!
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 10 2009 6:56pm Reply


I downloaded and installed Opera and now I see the "Buy Now" and "Download" buttons now...and they work.
An entirely different picture than with IE and FF.
A mystery, indeed.
Thanks for responding.
by W S on Jan 10 2009 7:42pm Reply

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