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Posted in the Data Extractor Forum.

Data Extractor won't extract email addresses from a single file

I paid for my copy of DE. I have a 236 KB ASCII text file containing email messages from various people. I selected DE to extract fron a single file:

C:\Documents and Settings\EJB\Documents\PMail\MAIL\ebruskin\FOL00F47.PMM

and to Extract Common Patterns: email address. I know this file has over a hundred email addresses. (I can read it in notepad!) But DE says there are zero.

Does anyone know why?
by Eric Bruskin on Nov 29 2005 4:17pm Reply

Data Extractor won't extract email addresses from a single file


I'll be happy to look into your problem for you, please email me the file using nico(at)iconico(dot)com.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 30 2005 6:36am Reply

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