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Turn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

Posted in the Line Reader Forum.

Calibration Problem

Thank you for your New Calibration Process.  I had given up Using Line Reader, because of difficulties with the Calibration.  I decided to give Line Reader another try.  The New Calibration Process -- seemed easy enough and reasonable.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to get the Mouse cursor, and the line reader to align or calibrate properly.  After Calibrate, and Lock --- The mouse cursor and the Line Reader are too FAR apart and offset.  It might just be my error, as I have tended to forget home Line Reader should work, but for now I am thinking I still remember enough.

I am using Line Reader 2.8 on a Windows 10 - 64 bit system.
Calibration Process shows 1920 screen width, and 1080 Screen Height.
The Real Screen Width and Height (seem strange to me)  -- they change from time to time, but right now are at 103 and 103 respectively.  

Windows Setup -- has following Display settings shown.
Under Scale and Layout -- change the size of Text apps -- is 200% ..
Display Resolution is --- 3840 x 2160 (Recommended).
Orientation -- Landscape .

Any Help or Advice?
by Robert Warren on Nov 20 2020 8:31am Reply

Calibration Problem

Yeah, I can't get it to calibrate on my 4K monitor either with 175% zoom.

The line gets fixed into one place at the top left. On close and open again, the line just disappears.

I don't think this has been fixed for a long time.
by Registered User on Dec 16 2020 10:55am Reply

Calibration Problem

It seems to me that Line Reader calibration might work if in the Windows Setup -- you have a Display setting - Under Scale and Layout -- change the size of Text apps is 100%.

Any other setting of the size of the Text apps such as 200% -- seems to cause bad problems with the Line Reader alignment.
by Robert Warren on Yesterday 1:32pm Reply

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