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Saving Changes

What a great program webtools is. I ran accross it and use it what seems to be much different than most. There are some websites that children visit that I wish I could eliminate some of the areas and thoughts that they are much to young to view or need to be exposed. However, alot of the information is very educational and thought prevoking. I have learned how to eliminate the areas or delete the lines of text that they are too young for, but my question is how do I save those changes so after the page is closed and re-visited my changes are still intact? Thanks.
by Dale Hunsucker on May 6 2006 11:11pm Reply

Saving Changes

I'm glad that you're enjoying the software and have discoverd how to change the HTMl on pages. The way WebTools Pro works is that it's an HTML page analysis application. When you modify the page it's modifying how it's displayed in the browser and not the original source. You can't save the page back to the server as WebTools Pro doesn't have the capability. What you can do, however, is save out the HTML from the "Parsed HTML" report, which will give you the modified HTML.

I hope this clarifies.
by Nico Westerdale on May 7 2006 8:44am Reply

Saving Changes

For my purposes, I would like to have the changes saved "locally" on the computers at my home, not on the source server. So when the page is re-visited it will still have the changes. If this is not possible, is there any program that will work in conjusction with webtools that will accomplish this. Thank you.
by Dale Hunsucker on May 8 2006 10:34am Reply

Saving Changes

How do I save out the HTML from the "Parsed HTML" report, which will give you the modified HTML? Then is there a way to have that brought up again when the original page is re-visited? Thanks.
by dale hunsucker on May 8 2006 2:26pm Reply

Saving Changes

To save the output from Parsed HTML you can select the HTML with the mouse, and the press Ctrl+C to Copy. You can then paste the text into a text editor and save the file.

Again there is no way to save this back to the server with WebTools Pro. WebTools Pro is a page analysis tool, not an editor.
by Nico Westerdale on May 9 2006 7:00am Reply

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