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Your tools


I am the webmaster for kiosk.ws and I really like your tools. Would it be possible to make these available to our members?

I would have text next to the links stating this:

"colorpic is courtesy of http://iconico.com/"

Let me know, we have thousands of members and it would be great exposure for you folks. I'll check back here for your answer.

Olivier B?dard
Lead designer/Webmaster

by Olivier Bedard on Mar 27 2003 1:07pm Reply

Your tools

I'll reply off list as this is a public forum.

by Nico Westerdale on Mar 27 2003 5:44pm Reply

Your great tools

These are great tools and they could get major exposure.. Go to:
http://trafficranking.com and look for wwkiosk.com

At my last visit, we were the 678th most visited site in the world. I am not promoting my affiliate link here, I'm just offering great visibility for these awesome tools. It is your choice to get back to me here with a positive answer.

I will not post here again if you decide not to reply with an ok or a request for further negotiation.

Best regards,

by Olivier Bedard on Mar 29 2003 12:22am Reply

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