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Posted in the WebTools Pro Forum.

WebTools is not reporting the correct webpage size?!

Hello, firstly- my compliments on some finely crafted tools - your Screen Calipers is wonderful and a great piece of engineering.

I purchased WebTools Pro hoping simply to see the size of my webpages, and what portion was from images. The first page I pointed it to was www.wachugot.com

Unfortunately it seems to be saying the "HTML size" is "0 KiloBytes". Why?

It is also reporting the "Total images size" as 1.437 Kilobytes, even though it has at least 66 KB. The main image (56KB in size) is a background image for a CSS container, so perhaps that is a clue as to why WebTools Pro is missing it.

I do believe I reported this bug some months ago - I really am surprised it hasn't been fixed by now. It does severely limit the tool's usefulness with regard to measuring our webpages!

Am I using it incorrectly? Is there a workaround or a fix? Please advise.

Thank you,
James Hurst
by James Hurst on Jul 23 2006 6:50pm Reply

WebTools is not reporting the correct webpage size?!


Thanks for the email, I've checked with WebTools Pro and I get the following results.

HTML document http://www.wachugot.com/
HTML size 11.142 KiloBytes
Total images size 1.437 KiloBytes
Total embeds size 0 KiloBytes
Total size 12.578 KiloBytes

You are correct that the CSS images are not reported on that specific report and we do plan to update this in WebTools Pro at some point in the future. Right now our development is focused on other areas and I am sorry for the delay.
by on Jul 24 2006 4:01pm Reply

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