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Posted in the WebTools Pro Forum.

Local version of WebTools

Nico my man,

Is there anyway you can make a version of this that runs locally versus running off your server?

There are times with my pipe is saturated and loading up the webtool either fails completely or is very slow to load.

In addition, there are instances when I'm writing pages on my laptop mid flight and the web tools would come in handy, lest no internet connection on the plane ;)

Just curious ...
by Jon Gilkison on Sep 22 2003 5:18pm Reply

Local version of WebTools

Hey Jon!

Currently there are no immediate plans for a local version, but it's something I'd want to do with the next version. I need to create a good caching mechenism, so that information is only downloaded as needed, or when updates are made. It's a little more work than just pointing to local files, but it should speed up performance.

I want to fully flesh out the toolset before I work on a new version.
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 23 2003 8:36am Reply

Local version of WebTools

A year later still no 'local' version and although this is an XLent app will not register until local version is available.

Thanks for the app.
by JC Sullivan on Oct 24 2004 5:15am Reply

Local version of WebTools

Sorry JC (and all),

This hasn't been high on my list of priorities. I will try and find the time to work on it soon.

by Nico Westerdale on Oct 24 2004 10:56am Reply

Local version of WebTools

Hi, I'm here now to request a way to use this software with a limited internet connection and I discovered this thread.

At my job only approved domains are allowed to flow though to our computers (the company's website being one of the few - figgas!)

I'm currently working on some company website stuff and I wanted to use my WebTools to help pick though some existing pages. Alas, as already mentioned, the WT's GUI doesn't even display because the iconico.com domain isn't on the approved list :-(

There's no way for me to enter my registration code or access any buttons since all I see in the window is a URL denied page from our server.

I'm sorry you feel this is a "low priority" but to some of us, we'd like to use this tool on our INTRANET, not just on the internet...

by William Bell on Jul 18 2007 8:20am Reply

Local version of WebTools

I can see how it would be a high priority for you, unfortunatly the very nature of the application is to be connected to the web. I just don't think it's an easy change to make.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 18 2007 8:38am Reply

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