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Log into your favorite websites using a single click of the mouse.

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This is the most ridiculous piece of software I've ever seen. The only way you can figure out how to fill in a simple login form is to have the passwords sent to you and have your server fill it in??!! The audacity of some people...
by Eric L on Nov 2 2006 3:47pm Reply


I hardly feel that it's ridiculous. Easy Login is has it's uses where password storage systems fail. The Easy Login URL is unique, and you can do things like post it on the internet or email it to other people. Where I certainly wouldn't suggest that you do this for your bank login details (as we clearly state) it is particularly useful for messageboard logins or common places that you want to access with a single click.

I don't see any audacity in providing a free tool for use by the public, with a clear explanation of what the tool is and exactly how it should be used.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 2 2006 4:20pm Reply

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