Screen Divider Help

Distance, angles and parallel lines at your fingertips.

Screen Divider Help

You can use the Screen Divider to:

Measure any distance between any two points

Measure the angle any line makes with the horizontal

Measure the Cobb angle (you need to start two Screen Dividers for this) just Right Click anywhere on the Divider and choose: Add New -> Add New Divider and then Show Cobb Angle

Measure the angle between any two lines by starting two Screen Dividers and reading the degrees shown by each Divider and then applying a subtraction operation between these (which ever is bigger - which ever is smaller)

Spread the divider arms (lines). You can use this operation especially in charts in which the rectangles (representing the chart data) are spread at the same distance

Behave as a parallel tool which would help the user see if two or more lines are parallel.

General Usage

- Measure any distance between any two points.

- Measure the angle any line makes with the horizontal.

- Measure the Cobb angle.

- Measure the angle between any two lines.

- Spread the divider arms (lines)

- As a parallel tool to see if two or more lines are parallel.

Screen Divider Explained

    - Control the Divider

    - Context Menu

    - Cobb Angle

    - Control Panel

    - Help Window

    - Request Features

    - Application Settings

Important Things to Know

    - you can use the top left button to hide the top control panel menu and showing a smaller version of this menu. Then you can press the same button again to show the bigger control panel menu.

    - you can use the Screen Divider forum to comment or request new application features. These will be carefully analyzed and implemented in the next Screen Divider version.

Trial Information

    The trial version has the following limitations:

    - the distance between any two divider arms is limited to 50 pixels.

    - the number of arms is limited to three (the registered version can have an unlimited number of arms).

    - the arm length is limited to 75 pixels.

    - the arm width is limited.

    - the angle readout is replaced with the word "TRIAL" for certain angle values.

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