Domain Extractor Basic

Find domain names easily by simply browsing the web.

Domain Extractor Basic
Domain Extractor Basic After you've installed Domain Extractor Basic you should find using the tool straightforward. You can use the tips below to get the most out of the application.
Top Tips on Getting Started Using Domain Extractor Basic
1. Extracting Domain Names in Domain Extractor Using The Browser
With Domain Extractor Basic, extracting the domain names from any website is as simple as visiting that website using Domain Extractor’s integrated web browser. Just enter the URL of any website into the Address Bar and click on the ‘Browse Address’ button to begin. Domain Extractor will load the web page into a Browser tab. Click on the ‘Gather Domains’ button, and Domain Extractor opens a new Parser tab and extracts all of the domains on that website, listing them at the very bottom of the application window on the Retrieved Words tab.
Domain Extractor gives you the freedom to work with multiple websites at one time. Each time you enter a new website address, Domain Extractor will open a new Browser tab. Likewise, each time you extract domain names from a site, Domain Extractor will open a new Parser tab. To close any tab, click on the ‘Close Tab’ button.
2. Extracting Domain Names From Retrieved Page Addresses
You may also use Domain Extractor to extract domain names from all the web addresses found inside the current web page.
You simply navigate to the web address you desire and all the links found in the content of this web page, will be collected in the "Web Links Content" tab.
To extract domain names from all of these links, click the ‘Parse Addresses’ button.
You can select some of these links and then press the 'Parse Selected' button to parse only these selected links.
As is the case when using the integrated browser, the parsing process will take place in a new Parser tab.
Using the 'Web Links Content' You can gather the web addresses contained in all the pages you browse but if you want to see only the current web page addresses then you should simply check the "Clear Links When New Page" checkbox at the top of the tab.
3. Using Wizard Search Patterns in Domain Extractor
Domain Extractor offers you a powerful way to customize your search patterns, giving you the ability to extract only those domain names that match specific criteria. Under the Parser tab, you have the option of generating a new search pattern by using a Wizard or by specifying your own custom pattern.
When using the Wizard, you set the drop down boxes to the number of subdomains that should be matched (for example, cnn.com contains one domain, while forums.cnn.com contains two) and specify whether Domain Extractor Basic should extract specific domain extensions (such as .edu, .com, or .net) or all domain extensions up to a certain number of characters (if set to ‘2’, .ru, .nl, and .cn domains would be extracted, .com and .net would not).

To the generated search patterns from step 2 you can add more patterns if you want.
Once you have set these values, enter the URL of the target website in the box for Step 4: Start Parsing & Manage Web Addresses.
Here, you can enter multiple website addresses and gather all of the domain names at once!
When you are ready, click the ‘Start Parsing’ button to extract the domain names that match your search pattern criteria.
4. Using User Created Search Patterns in Domain Extractor
You may also create your own customized search patterns to identify and collect very specific domain names. To begin, on the Parser tab, click the radio button next to User Specific Pattern. In the box labeled Step 2: User Generated Pattern, enter a combination of alphanumeric ranges to define which domain names should match and be extracted. Once you have set these values in Step 2: User Generated Pattern box, enter the URL of the target websites in the box for Step 4: Start Parsing & Manage Web Addresses.
When you are ready, click the ‘Start Parsing’ button to extract the domain names that match your search pattern criteria.

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