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Calipers 360 Settings

I still use version 2.1 of the calipers. I find that they work just fine for me. I would like to update to the 3.2 but I would like to see a feature that would let you hide or display the 360 degree wheel on the calipers. For those that don't need the feature it just gets in the visual way.

by V on Sep 16 2005 1:00pm Reply

Calipers 360 Settings

Just wanted to add I have the registered version of 2 and I am not just looking to lock the calipers in position I now how to do that.
by V on Sep 16 2005 1:27pm Reply

Calipers 360 Settings

I'm not sure what you're talking about. What's the 360 degree wheel?
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 16 2005 1:56pm Reply

Calipers 360 Settings

I was speaking of the round area that seems to stay in position when the calipers are rotated the area with the size of the caliper opening.

I have noticed however now that the additional skins do not have that area and it is just a look. I thought it was a required part of all skins for this version.

I am happy to download and use the version 1 skin. That is the one I use most.

Anyway I noticed that some skins state for V2 and sone for V3. Usually the the version 3 are either older looks that are not needed in V2 or there is one with the wheel called milky.

So I guess my only question now is if I have an old skin not listed anymore but it worked for V2 should it work ok on V3?

by V on Sep 20 2005 7:54pm Reply

Calipers 360 Settings

I'm glad that you're all set with the skins, there's very little that's required on the skins, and we have a how-to to create your own if you don't like any of the ones on the site.

I thought that we had all of the old version 2 skins listed up on the site, and in answer to your question, yes all the version 2 skins will work with version 3.
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 20 2005 8:00pm Reply

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