HTML Text Extractor

Simply Extract Text and HTML from webpages

HTML Text Extractor Help
HTML Text Extractor The HTML extractor has several buttons to help you surf the web and navigate though pages. It is simple and easy to use. Directions are as follows.

Top Tool Bar:

Exit Click Exit to end program
Back Click Back to view previous page
Stop Stops a page from loading
Refresh Reloads page from the web server
Help Click Help to show directions on how to use HTML Text Extractor
Unlock Click Unlock to go to serial number entry form
Go Brings you to the URL you've entered

HTML Text Extractor Function Buttons:

Copy Copies text for pasting into another application
Save Saves extracted text to a text file
Preview View extracted page in new web browser. If 'Extracted Text' tab is selected then it opens up a Notepad with text in it
Print Prints extracted text or HTML
Word Wrap Makes text easier to view by wrapping lines
Pick HTML Use mouse to move over and select individual text or HTML Element for extracting

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