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Software Reviews and Distribution
We're often asked by magazine editors and webmasters about distributing our software. We welcome distribution, however we would like to hear from you first.

If you are interested in reviewing our software then please drop us a line giving the name of your publication and we'll be happy to provide you with serial numbers for all of our products so that you can review the full versions.

We're always happy for you to link to Iconico, but don't put the .zip files for download on your site without making contact first. This is so that we can always keep updated software available to all users.

If you would like to distribute older versions of the Screen Caliper or older versions of the ColorPic then please feel free.
Image Gallery
You are welcome to use the following high resolution images as part of press coverage of Iconico's products. To download the files to your computer right-click on the link and select "Save Target As...".

Iconico Logo
hi-res 197K

Screen Calipers
hi-res 304K

Screen Calipers Screenshot
hi-res 21K

Screen Calipers Icon
hi-res 64K

Screen Protractor Icon
hi-res 91K

Screen Compass Icon
hi-res 77K

WebTools Pro Icon
hi-res 77K

ApplicationBox Image
Cardio Calipers Hi-Res Large Image
Clipstory Hi-Res Large Image
Color Pop Hi-Res Large Image
ColorPic Hi-Res Large Image
ColorPro Hi-Res Large Image
Cute Context Menu Hi-Res Large Image
Data Extractor Hi-Res Large Image
Domain Extractor Basic Hi-Res Large Image
Email Extractor Hi-Res Large Image
Extraction Pack Hi-Res Large Image
Fast WhoIs Hi-Res Large Image
HTML Text Extractor Hi-Res Large Image
Image Filter Pro 100 Hi-Res Large Image
Line Reader Hi-Res Large Image
LookDisk Hi-Res Large Image
Mailbox SDK Hi-Res Large Image
Points On A Canvas Hi-Res Large Image
Quick Runner Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Calipers Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Calipers Mac Edition Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Compass Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Compass Mac Edition Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Divider Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Measurement Pack Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Measurement Pack Mac Edition Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Protractor Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Protractor Mac Edition Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Shape Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Shapes Hi-Res Large Image
Screen Tracing Paper Hi-Res Large Image
Sea Green Mac Edition Hi-Res Large Image
SeaGreen Hi-Res Large Image
UltimaCalc Hi-Res Large Image
UltimaCalc Pro Hi-Res Large Image
Website Styler Hi-Res Large Image
WebTools Pro Hi-Res Large Image
Window Nudger Hi-Res Large Image

If you would like a button graphic to link to us then please check our Link To Us Page.
PAD Files
PAD files are Portable Application Description files, and they provide information on software products in a standard format so that listings sites can easily include software and automate listings. At Iconico.com we have a number of PAD files for our products, which are listed below which you may use:

ApplicationPAD File URL
Cardio Calipers http://www.iconico.com/cardioCaliper/cardiocaliperpad.xml
Clipstory http://www.iconico.com/clipstory/clipstorypad.xml
Color Pop http://www.iconico.com/colorPop/colorpoppad.xml
ColorPic http://www.iconico.com/colorpicker/colorpicpad.xml
Cute Context Menu http://www.iconico.com/cuteContextMenu/cutecontextmenupad.xml
Data Extractor http://www.iconico.com/DataExtractor/dataextractorpad.xml
Desktop UI Renamer http://www.iconico.com/desktopRenamer/desktoprenamerpad.xml
Domain Extractor Basic http://www.iconico.com/domainextractorbasic/domainextractorbasicpad.xml
Easy Login http://www.iconico.com/easyLogin/easyloginpad.xml
Easy Read http://www.iconico.com/easyRead/easyreadpad.xml
Email Extractor http://www.iconico.com/emailExtractor/emailextractorpad.xml
Fast WhoIs http://www.iconico.com/fastWhois/fastwhoispad.xml
HTML Text Extractor http://www.iconico.com/HTMLExtractor/htmltextextractorpad.xml
Image Filter Pro 100 http://www.iconico.com/imagefilterpro/imagefilterpropad.xml
Line Reader http://www.iconico.com/lineReader/linereaderpad.xml
LookDisk http://www.iconico.com/lookDisk/lookdiskpad.xml
Magnifier http://www.iconico.com/magnifier/magnifierpad.xml
Mailbox SDK http://www.iconico.com/mailbox-SDK/mailboxsdkpad.xml
Palette Converter http://www.iconico.com/paletteconverter/paletteconverterpad.xml
Points On A Canvas http://www.iconico.com/pointscanvas/pointsonacanvaspad.xml
Screen Calipers http://www.iconico.com/caliper/caliperpad.xml
Screen Calipers Mac Edition http://www.iconico.com/caliper/maccaliperpad.xml
Screen Compass http://www.iconico.com/compass/compasspad.xml
Screen Compass Mac Edition http://www.iconico.com/compass/maccompasspad.xml
Screen Divider http://www.iconico.com/divider/screendividerpad.xml
Screen Protractor http://www.iconico.com/protractor/protractorpad.xml
Screen Protractor Mac Edition http://www.iconico.com/protractor/macprotractorpad.xml
Screen Shapes http://www.iconico.com/ScreenShapes/screenshapespad.xml
Screen Shapes and Controls http://www.iconico.com/ScreenShapes/ScreenShapesPad.xml
Screen Tracing Paper http://www.iconico.com/tracingPaper/tracingpaperpad.xml
Sea Green Mac Edition http://www.iconico.com/seagreen/macseagreenpad.xml
SeaGreen http://www.iconico.com/seagreen/seagreenpad.xml
Sleepy http://www.iconico.com/sleepy/sleepypad.xml
UltimaCalc http://www.iconico.com/ultimaCalc/ultimacalcpad.xml
Website Styler http://www.iconico.com/websitestyler/websitestylerpad.xml
WebTools Pro http://www.iconico.com/webtool/webtoolpad.xml
Window Nudger http://www.iconico.com/windowNudger/windownudgerpad.xml

For more details on PAD files click here.
Site ranking
Iconico.com has become increasingly popular over the last year. Our search engine rankings have put us in the top three for multiple queries on Google, MSN and Yahoo, and top of the list for many:

1st place Google search for Calipers
1st place Google search for Webtool
1st place MSN search for Magnifier
1st place MSN search for ColorPic
1st place Yahoo search for Iconico
1st place Yahoo search for Screen Caliper

Our Alexa ranking puts us in the top 100,000 websites, and shows strong month by month growth.

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