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URL Output Does Not Display with URL Input

When I try to extract URLs from websites with Data Extractor 3.1, the Results list the URLs found for the websites, but do not list the URL inputs. For example: The Results should show the URL input in column "A" and the URLs found in column "B". Without the input information displayed, you just have a list of URLs found which is of little value. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get the URL output to relate to the URL input?
by Phil on Feb 17 2007 3:36pm Reply

URL Output Does Not Display with URL Input

You can add in additional columns into the results for WebPage based scripts. Choose 'Edit Script Details' from the second tab and add in the following lines at the top:

DataExtractor.AddHeader(2, 'Page URL');

This will add in an additional column in the results view.

Then within the loop, for each rule there will be a line that includes a "DataExtractor.AddResult" command. After that line add in the following line:

DataExtractor.AddResult(2, document.location.href);

This will instruct Data Extractor to place the current page URL into the second column.

This method should work on a wide variety of rules.
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 19 2007 6:55am Reply

URL Output Does Not Display with URL Input

This solution worked perfectly. Awesome!!! Thanks!
by Phil on Feb 21 2007 6:38am Reply

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