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 SubjectPostsPosted byLast Update
ColorPro 2.6 Released 10Constantin FloreaNov 20 2014 11:43pm
Stop Minimize to System Tray 5None GivenJul 20 2014 6:27pm
Saving Various Settings 6None GivenJul 14 2014 10:41pm
Selecting Chips, Rearrange 2None GivenJul 14 2014 10:34pm
@ http://www.iconico.com/colorpro/gettingStarted.aspx is missing the images 2Vernon MarsdenSep 13 2013 3:58am
Unable to close application: "Access is denied" error 3David AndersonAug 20 2012 4:47pm
Edit a color 5Michael BaasJun 14 2012 3:08pm
ColorPro 2.4 Released 1Constantin FloreaDec 31 2010 7:37am
ColorPro 2.3 Released 1Constantin FloreaOct 24 2010 9:53am
ColorPro 2.2 Released 1Constantin FloreaJun 28 2010 5:09pm
Export XML with HEX values 7Maureen StoneJun 28 2010 5:03pm
ColorPro 2.1 Released 1Constantin FloreaApr 16 2010 10:11am
ColorPro 2.0 Movies 1Constantin FloreaDec 27 2009 5:55pm
ColorPro 2.0 Released 1Constantin FloreaDec 27 2009 7:59am
Import ColorPic palettes? 4Maureen StoneSep 21 2009 4:02pm
Color picking through the Magnifier tool 4David AndresSep 20 2009 12:40pm

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