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Edit a color


I just started testing CP and have also watched a few videos, but I can't figure out how to edit a colour from my palette: In the "Edit Palette"-tab, my chips are shown in the left side. Now I was hopind I'd be able to click a chip and adjust its color with the sliders - but after clicking any chip, the slides (Wheel Picker, Complements, CMYK-Picker etc.) do not adjust, yet any click on "Get Color" updates the chip. But how can I do the reverse and show the chips color in the settings of the pickers?


by Michael Baas on Jun 14 2012 11:35am Reply

Edit a color

Also, for example, in the RGB/HSV Color Picker to ednter a value in "Actual color" and confirm with Enter, but also this was not honoured. Seems I must be missing something very basic about the concept of the UI???
by Michael Baas on Jun 14 2012 12:18pm Reply

Edit a color

The 'Actual Color' and 'Web Color' fields are currently used only for showing the color and not for modifying it in the RGB/HSV picker.  Thanks for your suggestion.
by Constantin Florea on Jun 14 2012 12:37pm Reply

Edit a color

The color selection works one way: from the current color picker (in which you're making a color selection) to the selected color chip. To select a color from the color chip into the color picker you need to do it manually. Thanks for your suggestion, I have written this down for a future version of the application.

In the case of the RGB/HSV color picker you need to click inside the rectangle so that the clicked color will be transferred to the selected color chip (there is a 'Selection Frenzy' checkbox at the bottom of the palette which if checked you won't have to worry about selecting the next color chip when selecting colors). If you have trouble selecting the colors with the other pickers, just let me know with which.

You can also enter an R,G,B color manually inside the color chip when the ColorPro settings are like in the second snapshot below. To enter the R,G,B color manually - in this case - you simply need to double click the color chip:

Depending on the settings from the snapshot below, you can also double click on the color chip to enter any name you want to assign to the color from that color chip.

by Constantin Florea on Jun 14 2012 12:50pm Reply

Edit a color

Ok, thanks. When this bi-directional colour-selection works, it'll be a real killer! :-)
by Michael Baas on Jun 14 2012 3:08pm Reply

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