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GetAttach@20 symbol unresolved

I am trying to use the C++ GetAttach function, using the following documented syntax:

  GetAttach(MCoreHandle, FolderNum, MessageNum, i, attach)

1st 4 parameters are declared as DWORD
5th parameter (attach) is declared as LPSTR

However, when I try to build I get the following error:

  error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__GetAttach@20

I believe @20 means that there are five 4 byte parameters, which seems right.

However, when I look at the MCore.def file included in your C++ sample, I see the GetAttach symbol listed as


Similarly, if I open up the binary mcore.lib file in Visual Studio (2008) I see the symbols


Has the function signature has changed?


by Chris Riopel on Jan 8 2010 3:05am Reply

GetAttach@20 symbol unresolved - FIXED

Thanks for fixing it!
by Chris Riopel on Feb 8 2010 8:58pm Reply

GetAttach@20 symbol unresolved - FIXED

Thank you Chris, for that you found it and explained the problem.
by Denis on Feb 9 2010 12:24pm Reply

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