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Program crash with UniToolbox2 Runtime error message


The program that I develop likes to crash with the following message (image below).

The error always occurs whenever I cut and paste a math equation created and located in a Microsoft Word document. When I paste it on a RichTextBox, the cursor cannot move and when I delete the equation, the program crash and the error message appears. The thing is, the error appears intermittently, sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't. Also, I'm not doing any network activity for this program so I'm not sure if the explanation helps. Please help explaining what this error message means and what could have triggered it. Thanks

Litespeed Pte Ltd

by Litespeed on Feb 2 2010 5:28am Reply

Program crash with UniToolbox2 Runtime error message


So sorry that you're getting the error, however I don't know if we can offer any additional help. It would seem to be something unique about what you're pasting in with the equation. Have you tried pasting the equation into another application first, perhapse removing parts of it?
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 2 2010 11:56am Reply

Program crash with UniToolbox2 Runtime error message

I had this error for the first time ever yesterday but couldn't link it to a paste action. It was also difficult to reproduce. However the form on which I had the controls had a lot of other controls on such as UnitTab, Unibuttons, UniCombo's etc as well as a VSFlexgrid and it had been well hacked around over the last few months. Strangely the form was behaving oddly at runtime yesterday (again for the first time) and when I double-clicked on the form the grid property box appeared!! Maybe the two errors were linked - it seems too much of a coincidence to presume they weren't.
So today I have completely rebuilt the form from scratch and this has sorted out the odd behaviour for the grid so I'm hoping that it has also resolved the crash.
My advice therefore is to rebuild the form and see if it fixes it for you.

by Dave Harper on May 7 2010 7:29am Reply

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