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Data Extractor iconExtract any data, including email addresses and URLs from your files and webpages.

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Data Extractor v3.3 Released

We're happy to release version 3.3 of the software. We've gone deep into the internals of the application and made the extraction faster and more reliable. Dead links no longer block the extraction from continuing and the app can now handle much larger files at great speed. We advise all users to upgrade.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 17 2007 12:53pm Reply

Data Extractor v3.3 Released

Other than using this application for criminal purposes, what other uses does it have?
by Tom C on Jul 18 2007 5:33am Reply

Data Extractor v3.3 Released

There are plenty of uses, I personally use the application to extract email addresses from personal emails that I have. The Data Extractor is a time saver, quite often you'll need to manually copy data from one format, be it HTML or text into another. This software gives you the tools to write a rule to do that for you.
We certainly do not endorse using the software for any criminal activity.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 18 2007 5:43am Reply

Data Extractor v3.3 Released

We use it for internal testing and web development - very helpful
by Kari Ziegler on Aug 22 2007 3:52pm Reply

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